How a Competent Scott Lanzon Attorney DUI Attorney Functions While Representing Clients

Pete had really blown it this time around there wasn’t any returning and making the right decision to prevent the situation. Making the choice to possess a few beers before turning in for that night had been what was certain to be a costly and ill-fated option. He dreaded calling Sally, his wife of twenty-four many years to remind her that he have been picked up by the Ohio State Patrol and it was currently incarcerated. He had been stopped for erratic driving and was arrested as he testing positive for operating his car within an impaired condition. To make matters even worse, Pete earned his living driving for the local transit bus company and today his commercial driving license could be at risk. Yes, it was certainly a crisis situation and he would want the very best Cincinnati DUI lawyer that money could buy. After talking to his wife and asking her to make some inquiries for him, Pete was able to talk with a group of Scott Lanzon Attorney that came highly recommended. One of these readily agreed to represent him and promptly began gathering information regarding his arrest report and his incriminating test results for further examination. Then he sat down with Pete and detailed his top concerns about a possible conviction and the resulting penalties and just how he would aim to counter them.

Quickly Scott Lanzon Attorney, two main considerations rose to the top of list:

The first priority for Pete ended up being to keep his state sanctioned to drive without having to give up his license. This was imperative in the case because his job required him to be registered like a commercially licensed driver. Not having this credential might cause him to get rid of his job and would threaten his livelihood. The lawyer assured Pete that although this was always possible the likelihood of it happening to him was slim because of the fact that this was his first offense of operating an automobile while intoxicated.

Another consideration Scott Lanzon Attorney which was troublesome and could exact a very steep cost was the rise towards the insurance rates that normally followed an arrest for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Finance was really a struggle for this family anyway and this could be a significant problem if the insurance charges climbed much higher. The lawyer advised Pete that he would try to offset a few of these costs by using the argument that Pete would agree to enter an alcohol awareness program where he’d be counseled extensively concerning the dangers of drunk driving .com.